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Any sailor in Canada with certification as a Sailing Instructor, Coach or Official, holds a Sail Canada profile on sailing.ca. And now, more and more sailors in Canada are obtaining Sail Canada profiles so that they can:

  • access entry to sailing events;
  • participate in development clinics, general meetings, speaker nights;
  • access member-only discounts on insurance, gear and resources;
  • receive sailing newsletters from the Sail Canada and your Provincial Sailing Association

Be sure to note your Sail Canada # in your phone or another spot to have handy anytime you need it to enter into programs that can service you as a boat owner and sailor.

NOTE: Having a Sail Canada profile does not deem you a member of the Sail Canada. For eligibility to race sailboats in Canada, sailors must be member in good standing with a Sail Canada member yacht or sailing club.

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Note: Please contact admin@sailing.ca with your username and/or CANSail Number if you experience any problems